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Tuesday in Nairobi

May 2, 2018

There was a plan to visit the giraffe centre first up but the rain and our beds won and we had a slow morning.

Off to Kibera with Sally and (her daughter) Hannah to look over a couple of potential ‘plots’ of land on which to put another Angel Kindergarten. The current kindergarten is at capacity with close to 200 little ones from the Kibera slum. They are educated, fed and clothed via sponsors – and they each have an AMS class each week.

(Along the way I still take photos out of the car window. Every time I do, hubby says ‘you’ve already got that one’ which is probably true but I can’t help it. The ‘Headquarters Inn Hotel’ is my favorite today.)

It’s a public holiday today so the kindergarten is closed and the kids are just kicking about, playing with stray goats and filthy water. They were happy to see us!

It was great to step inside those blue gates of ‘Angel’ that we love so much – the doorway to a bit of paradise in an otherwise unthinkable environment.

We met Farris and Simon there. There’s no point in us Mzungu (white people) trying to enquire or negotiate anything without strong local input.

Land here is unfathomably expensive given where it is and what it looks on to. We don’t quite understand why, but it is a reality that’s reflected in both property rental and land purchase.

There are a couple of options within a short walk of the existing ‘Angel’. One is a big block (3 titles) which could manage a clinic as well as some emergency housing in addition to a whiz bang kindergarten for another 300 children. Another is just about the right size for a kindergarten over a couple of levels.

More info coming tomorrow re pricing and splitting of titles – and hoping to get some architectural advice in the near future.

Back to Sally’s for our farewell lunch, beautifully made by their new house lady Rispa.

Hard to say goodbye this time, we have so loved the company of Sally and her kids. (And Tilly is besotted with the dogs!!)

We’re on our way home.