AMS camp Nairobi day 2

AMS camp Nairobi day 2

We’d lost power overnight so woke to no showers, no coffee, no lights etc. Off to a cafe on the way – can’t do camp without coffee!

3 Ubers cancelled on us before we eventually got a car.

Our cafe order took forever and I was sure we were going to be late. I hate late. Then we got a message from teacher Joseph to say that the bus hadn’t left Korogocho yet because the driver was sick and they had to ‘find another one’. Welcome to Kenya.

Our flat whites had more froth than any cappuccino we’ve ever seen and our cappuccino was a flat white. Never mind, we just swapped. But when it happened again on our second round, Bill googled the differences and gently showed our waiter who scribbled some notes and said ‘Ah- I think I need to show this to our barista!!’

By the time Tilly and I threw away our inedible take away tea we were getting the giggles about all our first world problems! We decided maybe it was just Opposite Day…

Happy to report that things improved and we ended up having the best day ever at camp!

50 gorgeous kids and our amazing staff got off the bus. It was forecast storms and the sky went black but it didn’t rain all day!

We swam, sang, swam some more, sang some more. The cup percussion really got going and the keyboard groups conquered all their material.

As always, the food was a big hit. Healthy lunch and snacks and then KFC before home time. We asked teacher Kevin about them taking it home (and if we should enforce anything) and he said ‘they have already eaten today. They want to take it home to share. We should let them.’ And then added – ‘Also, KFC is famous and they will be elevated in the community if people can see that they have had it.’

We FaceTimed Miss Lindi and Mr Jake at lunch – Oh the excitement!!

There was a round of Kenyan songs and games outside in the afternoon sun. We cannot believe how much hilarity can be had by students and teachers alike given an empty space and some sunshine!

These are the poorest of the poor and the most joyous people we’ve ever met.

Let’s just say that farewelling them all on the bus was really really hard. We want to bring everyone home with us.

We are so proud of our Nairobi staff. They are amazing. I’m also so glad we had Tilly helping – she was everywhere!

We’d skipped lunch so we were ready to eat. Went out for a lovely dinner, had a shower – and I was asleep by 8pm!

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