AMS Camp Nairobi 2018.

We did this last year and we loved it! Take 50 kids who’ve never seen anything but the slum they’ve always known and give them a weekend in paradise across town – with plenty of music thrown in!

We (Mr Bill, Miss Tilly & me) landed in Nairobi this afternoon. We’d come via a little stop in the UK so the time warp wasn’t quite as disgusting as what we’ve experienced before.

Our beautiful friend Sally (Angel Kindergarten) was meeting us at the airport. We were thrilled to emerge through customs unscathed to meet Sally and 2 of her kids Hannah & James! Yay so great to see everyone!

They chauffeured us to the bnb they’ve booked for us on the property they’re living on. It’s just lovely – Quite unlike all of our previous Nairobi lodgings! A little bit of French country in Karen. The red mud and the over the top sudden Down pours certainly make us feel like we’re back…

We showered and shopped for last minute things and organised everything ready for tomorrow. We’re excited!

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