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Ready to come homeĀ 

May 2, 2017

As we get ready to leave I have a few random observations about Nairobi. 

As a general rule, the showers are awful. Hot water pretends to be available but the large drops of cold water that fall with it make sure you can’t actually get warm. Or wash your hair. (Shower at Sally’s place to the rescue!)

Nairobi’s notorious red dirt is detrimental to clothing and shoes and pretty much everything else. Despite this, floor mats / door mats / helpful mats of any kind have not caught on here. There’s nowhere to wipe the mud off your feet. As a result we leave red footprints everywhere we go and the floors are constantly swept and mopped. And I really do mean constantly. It’s some folks full time employment. 

There is a distinct lack of skilled tiling in bathrooms. The shower doesn’t ever drain to the drain. It drains to wherever like a little river meandering all over the bathroom floor. Mixed with the red mud it is a bit of a sight. 

The wealthy here are very wealthy. Bizarrely so. We went with Sally to collect one of her own kids from a play date. The Kenyan family recently built and moved into their home: Multi story marble, glass, manicured gardens, pool, etc. Think totally over the top hotel. (Not in a good way.) Ostentatious to say the least.

Monkeys playing on the roof are very very noisy. Impossible to sleep through in the early hours of the morning. 

There are no possums in Africa. (You can ask Lindi about that one). There are however massive slugs and the biggest snails we’ve ever seen. (There was also a little snake on our balcony which we managed to hide from Lindi. Jake will probably show her the video now that they’re home.)

The driving here is nuts. I’ve gone on and on about this before and we are sort of used to it now but you do see some amazing things. Today a mzungu (white) lady had driven her car into a ditch and a bunch of guys were pushing and pulling to get the car out. She was still sitting behind the wheel. Nobody seemed to care – just drove around the spectacle. 
There’s not much that can’t be bought through your car window in a traffic jam. From bananas to flotation devices, electronic gadgets, hats and scrabble, it’s all on offer from the little guys who walk the highway. 
I swear half this country is employed in ‘security’ which means someone has given them a uniform along with permission to sit and play on their phone all day. It’s astonishing. 
We love it. 

Monday in NairobiĀ 

May 2, 2017

Thankfully, a slow morning with lots of Moris’ good coffee. We swapped stories and talked about ‘our’ camp kids. 

We packed and weighed and sorted everything ready to farewell Jake & Lindi, who set off with driver David with just enough time for a quick stop off at Kazuri (Lindi’s fave!) on their way to the airport. 

Off to Kibera with Sally – we had undies to deliver!! AMS families and friends in Sydney were very generous is donating to this project – the final tally was 1002 pairs! These will be kept at the Angel Kindergarten and given out as needed. And they are always needed!
As we whizzed along the bypass in Sally’s land cruiser it was bizarre to see the Kibera slum with the new and ever growing sky scrapers in the distance. 
The Angel Kindergarten was, as always, a sight to behold on the edge of Kibera. I know I take similar photos every time but I’m always astonished by the contrast inside and outside the gate. 

The Kindergarten is closed until Wednesday. During the holidays Sally has organized for the hallway and classrooms to be tiled and it makes a huge difference! ‘Our’ roof is doing well and the tiling under it looks great and will be so much easier to keep clean. 

Bill and Sally discussed future improvements, ways to combat drainage & mud and other essentials. 

There are always kiddies hanging around the kindy and we took the opportunity to show them the donated undies. They were so excited, modeling their chosen pair on their heads. 
One of our little sweethearts, Clarice, was there. What a cutie – posing for photos as always. 
We drove around the local area looking at potential sites for additional Kindergartens. ‘Angel’ currently brings over 200 children ages 2-7 out of the slum each week. They are given a beautiful environment, a uniform, education, breakfast & lunch 5 days a week (and an AMS class!) 

Sally & Stuart’s dream is to establish more kindergartens around the Kibera fringe, bringing more children out of the slum. 

We are constantly involved in conversations calculating the cost of another 200 kids at a second site, another 200 kids at a 3rd site, another 200 kids at a 4th site. 
Lets ‘Evacuate Kibera’!!