Thursday in Nairobi 

Off we went to ‘Stepping Stones’ – the beautiful International Kindergarten run by Sally & Stuart. (Elite clientele and all funds back into rescuing kids from Kibera. Astonishing stuff!) This place is divine!!
Met our teachers there – Celine & Joseph (whom you’ve already met – they’ve been with us for 2 years) plus Ruby who helps our with the younger children in Tiny Musos and Mini Musos – and 3 potential NEW teachers resulting from our meeting with Elizabeth (Ghetto Classics) the other day. Lots to do!
For most of the day we split into small groups and trained whatever was needed. Jake and Lindi worked with the new teachers and got teacher Joseph through to the end of Super starter 2. I helped Ruby & Celine organize & rehearse a concert for Stepping Stones (for tomorrow!!!) and then completed Celine’s Junior training. We all did well! 
In the late afternoon we ubered to ‘lunch’ at the local Java Cafe. It’s a serious treat for our teachers so we shout them a meal as often as possible. They never disappoint – huge shakes and massive meals. (Theirs are photo worthy, my salad doesn’t quite rate…)

2 of our ‘try out’ teachers were a big hit today – we are looking forward to welcoming Teacher Kevin and Teacher Martha to the AMS Kenya team. Woo hoo!!!
At lunch they gave us our ‘Kenyan names’. Long story for each so maybe another time. Let’s just say that my favorite is ‘Jacob Juma’. 

Kevin explained to us that the soccer tournament at St John (which we saw part of the other day) is actually a big deal: 
1st prize is a goat!!!! 2nd prize some live chickens (about 5) and 3rd prize some money. 

The expectation is that the goat will be slaughtered, cooked and shared on winning and that the team and their families will eat and celebrate very well. The chickens will also be cooked but will probably only feed the team… mot sure what is supposed to happen to the money…

Jake set off with them back to the Korogocho area – he’s staying the night with teacher Simon. (Haven’t heard yet but the trip no doubt involved Matatu and possibly worse… )

Lindi, Bill & I took the civilized option of an uber home via the wine shop. Note: Lindi doesn’t drink but I’ve had a squelchy stomach for a day or 2 and we thought we’d try a gin and tonic. Happy to report I’m feeling significantly better!! (?)

A lovely afternoon on our deck catching up on things and organizing the remainder of our week. 

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