Wednesday in Nairobi 

5.30am coffee and fruit for 6am departure – off to Nairobi National Park! It’s not far from home (about 20 minutes) and we got there in good time. 

Our driver was ‘Hilary’ and he certainly knew where to find the animals. We saw buffalo, rhino, ostrich, zebra, giraffe, hippos, a crocodile and lions! I will admit that I slept in the back seat for most of the ‘safari’ but woke at key moments to see animals up close. 

We parted company for the afternoon:

Bill and I went to a string of meetings re teaching / development/ land / building/ expansion etc. (These all took place in very civilized cafes!)

Lindi had a little look around the market at Karen and then an afternoon at home – Moses the land man took her on a beautiful walk down to the river on our property. A lovely one hour nature walk!
Jake went over to the Angel Kindergarten in Kibera where CNN were filming some of the Angel kids dancing with current slum ballet star Joel Kioko (trained by our Ballet friend Cooper and getting lots of publicity!)
After that, he walked into Kibera with local guides and security. 
I’ve written extensively about Kibera on our previous visits. Let’s just say that it’s a massive, horrendous slum that covers 4 square Kms and houses over a million people. No water, no bathrooms, no nothing. We walk along ‘roads’ made of dirt, tires and ‘flying toilets’ (plastic bags containing what would end up flushed down a loo if there were loos…)
They visited 2 homes in the slum: firstly that of an Angel student, Khalid who is sponsored by our friends Meg and Tim Clarke. Jake described being there as; 

Mama is ‘dead in the eyes’ there’s a ‘responsible older sibling’ who has grown up way too fast and then Khalid – who is an absolute cheeky monkey! Couldn’t sit still and so excited. 

They live in one tiny room. We’ve seen it all before but Jake still came home with the word ‘heartbreaking’ on his lips. 

And then to see our friend Edwin! Edwin is tall and thriving and keen to let jake listen to his latest compositions! He sang and played and loved having Jake visit. Mama Grace was also really happy to have visitors. They are always so welcoming and appreciative. 
The tiny weeny one room house was as always, neat and lovely. The TV which was recently bought by funds from my friend Liz stood pride of place. They were proud of it!

Jake also visited the quads – the ones in the ‘safe flat’ that Stuart and Sally set up late last year. Happy to report that the girls are growing and doing really well! Apparently Mama is still not really speaking (some serious special needs there) but they are all healthy. Teacher Florence is still living there helping to take care of them. 

We met up for early dinner at an absolutely gorgeous spot in Karen. It’s always bizarre to work with the poor here and then turn up somewhere delightful for dinner.

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