Monday in Nairobi 

We were all up very early…sleeping is a bit tricky when your body has been through a time warp! Wondering if we can spend the whole day in our sunglasses…

Great breakfast where we live at Kifaru House. We love Moris our house man! Off in our Uber to meet our driver to take us to the Korogocho slum to train our Kenyan AMS teachers. 
It’s always an experience getting into Korogocho and today lived up to our expectations! Photos don’t do it justice but you get the idea. 
Our classes run from St John Primary School. The school is a dusty, stinky, run down establishment that houses far more students than it was ever designed for. It backs onto Korogocho’s famous dump site where the ‘chokora’ sift through the new rubbish as the trucks arrive each day. It goes on and on for several kilometers with vultures soaring above. It’s one of the worlds largest dump sites – a constantly burning awful mess. At times our classes are cancelled due to the smoke in the room. I took a few photos out of our classroom window…
It was a hive of activity when we arrived – a special Sports Day! Soccer soccer everywhere – a lovely festive atmosphere. This is the school where AMS families donated a few hundred soccer boots about 18 months ago. They’ve been put to good use!
It was wonderful to meet our 4 Kenyan teachers again! In the past I’ve written about how having a job as a music teacher has changed their lives ( but the BIG news is that in the past few months, each of them has moved OUT OF THE SLUM! We are gobsmacked. It was only November last year that we were discussing this and questioning the reality of it and they’ve done it!
For the past year we have been speaking to them about taking the skills they have learned in this job and starting up something of their own – going in to additional schools & promoting themselves as music educators with AMS Kenya. We gave them teaching certificates with their packs to present to local schools so they can grow their own businesses – then it was straight into training!
They each taught for us with Lindi giving detailed feedback on each section of their lesson. It was very productive with lots of laughs! They are excellent. 

Joseph organized for us to visit the home of one of his students – a girl named Melvin. She’s 9 years old and in Super Starter book 1. She is coming on AMS CAMP this weekend!

Melvin’s home is a 4m x 4m room divided by a curtain. She lives here with her mother, father and 3 sisters. There’s no bathroom or running water. 

We piled into a taxi and endured the bumpiest ride on the worst road ever out of the Korogocho area. A short freeway trip and then we miraculously arrived at an upmarket modern shopping mall. Lindi couldn’t quite believe it! We’d gone from slum to Westfield in a matter of minutes!

Great meal with our teachers – terrific to spend some time with them. 
Our 25km trip home took 2 hours and 25 minutes in the Nairobi traffic. A few hair raising moments in between Matatu (little public buses with a death wish) but we got home safely. Exhausted after a great day!


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