Bravo! Here are our outstanding student results from terms 3 & 4, 2016.

Congratulations everyone! 

Piano Exams


Hallie Dwyer, Luna Mather, Finlay Curtes, Jonathan Lin, Thea Shannon, Mitchell Cummings, Clarissa Himawan, Isabel Gagic

Super Starter

Jemima Cook, Matteo Matthews, Elina Sherry, Elena Pei, Riley Joel, Anabel Rulli, Darya Troedson (A+)

Junior Plus

Akyle Ibrahim, Olive Cole, Allegra Rossi, Anouk Lafferty, Edward House, Alice Tanaka, Charlie Osborne, Zoe larantges, Lachlan Rowney, Han Nguyen,  Sarah Law, Zoe Barakate, Phoebe Zein, Andrea Jensen Tettamanzi, Naomi Dight, Kiran Sanghvi, Thomas Selby, Hayley Clough, Zoe Humberstone, Finley Humberstone, Naomi Lam, Ella Vartuli, Olivia Vartuli, Ingsel Phelrabtsang, Lachaln Terrill, Maddie Evers, Lily Troedson


Alexander Lau, Matthew Cook, Claire Whitaker (A+), Theo Walsh, Kayla Thumwanich, Nicholas Lee, Jamila Selby, Charlie Hogan, Marcus Chorn 


Zyah De Araujo, Alexander Truong, Elisa Silvestri (A+), Willow Gelin (A+), Aiden Merten, Charmian Goodsir, Emma Fulton, Alexis McLean, Oliver Czerwenka, Maisy Jones, Emily Dingle, Benjamin Capaan (A+), Ella Foreman, Oscar Falvey (A+), Luca Whitaker, Tafhg Kalowski, Pamela Lerantges, Abigail Hodgson (A+)

Grade 1

Olivia Zein, Angus Lewis, Sen-Ying Chan Nazir, Lana Cork, Xavier Zaveski, Cate Kyling, Emilie Young, Isaac Gorelik

Grade 2

Thomas Lee, Eden Fernando, Grace Walsh, Isabella O’Gorman, Gary Koryukin, Quentin Burns, Hayley Gunsberger, Marie Sikiotis, Samantha Panchenko, Emma Silvestri (A+)

Grade 3

Tallulah Simpson, Eleanor Dunstan, Nicole Irawan (A+)

Grade 4

Talia Kaplan (A+), James Boyd-Clarke, Kate Law, Elsie Yang, Daniel Zhou

Grade 5

Eleanor Tanou,  Gabriel Kidston, Elysse Choy, Tegan Tran Moore

Grade 6

Aidan Eccleshall (A+), Eve Fernando

Grade 7

Anna Yang 

Exams on ‘other instruments’:

Malachy Kalowski – Guitar Grade 3 (A+)

Tilly Madder – Voice grade 5

Arnie Walsh – Trumpet Grade 5

Talia Kaplan – Flute grade 6

Heather Campbell – Voice Grade 5

Maya Foreman – Trumpet grade 2 (A+)

Written ‘Theory of Music’ Exams:


Ella McGrath, Oneta Schmooel, Thalia Widdin-Williams (100%), Rose McCall, Matthew Cook (100%), Emily Dingle, Oliver Low, Sophie McGrath (100%), Isaac Wright, Natasha Mullens, Abigail Hodgson, Zyah De Araujo (100%), Alexander Lau, Finn Jennings, Theo Walsh, David Winter, Marysia Malecka, Milla Nikolova, Kleoniki Kalloniatis, Tadhg Kalowski, Benjamin Capaan, Lucinda Adams, Nicholas Lee, Oscar Falvey, Willow Gelin, Rafi Vasin, Akhila Sivaraja, Spencer Niklin, Jessica Martin, Kate Johnson, Jamila Sleby, Charlie Hogan (100%), Marcus Chorn, Oliver Cerwenka, Maisy Jones (100%), Lana Cork, Polly Gunsberger, Nicole Irawan, Aurora Gorman, Benjamin Chia, Alice Bowler, Ella Foreman, Zara Rose Puntingham, Harriet Barham, Elisa Silvestri

Grade 1

Matthew Lapinski (100%), Hayden Edwards, Rhys Shariff (100%), Noah Edwards, Abby Swan, Emilia O’leary, Amelia Shariff, Jessica Hayler, Emilie Young, James Law, Lucy Rose Doyle, Tamara Girdwood Reich, Kate Cottier, Rebecca Cousins, Lachlan Cook (100%), Riva Burkett, Tallulah Simpson, Inneke Pain, Debbie Winter, Cate Kyling, Marie Sikiotis, Sen Ying Chan Nazir, Emma Silvestri (100%), Thomas Lee, Lachlan Eliasson, Lara Greenfield, Emma Fulton, Emilian Ossimitz, Ben Landa, Eden Fernando, Sophia Cherry, Quentin Burns, Alexis McLean (100%), Lucy Milner, Xavier Lenehan, Yael Rembach, Maya Foreman, Mika Sternberg, Kitty Zusak, Stacey Greenfield, Rory Anderson, Ed Maier, Julia Gabrielsson

Grade 2

Hannah Boyd-Clarke, Lucy Boyd-Clarke, Zeke Dauth, Sam Dunn, Alexander Fan, Sacha Gross, Hayley Gunsberger, Malachy Kalowski, Samantha Panchenko, Ethan Slender, Amelia Stein

Other Musical Achievements:

Nate Speilman – Cello performance with the ACO at Emanuel Synagogue

Talia Kaplan – best musical performance award

Ella Foreman – awarded the end of year prize for the training band at school

Sacha Gross – 1st place in Reddam House middle school Vocal competition, also part of Reddam House Choir in finals of the Sydney Eisteddfod Australian Choral Grand Prix

Hayley Clough – Musical theatre performances in Stage Artz ‘The Little Mermaid’ at Glen St Theatre. Also  part of a 200 strong choir in Arts Alive Primary choir at the SydneyTown Hall

Dean Gould-Sedlarevic  – performed the ‘Angry Birds Theme’ in the school talent quest Rory Hodgson – successfully auditioned for the Arts Unit Symphonic Wind Orchestra for 2017 (French Horn)

Rebecca Cousins – 2nd place in the Randwick Council’s Lexington Place Busking Competition in November

Lucy Milner – successful audition to the Junior Performing Choir at Sydney Children’s Choir

Nella Ananijev – successful audition with the Sydney Children’s Choir Advanced Singers group in 2017

Anthony Panos – performance of ‘Lets Get Loud’ at a concert at Coogee Prep

Jessica Hayler – performance of ‘Little Flower’ by Gurlitt for the whole school assembly

Kerri Wainstein – received the trophy for Senior Recorder group and the trophy for senior Wind Ensemble for 2016





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