The ‘Safe Flat’

Another amazing initiative of Sally & Stuart’s – they’ve recently rented a flat right near the Angel Kindergarten to us as a ‘safe house’ for women and children needing temporary crisis care.

Running a Kindergarten for Kibera families means they see it all. Just when you think it can’t get any worse, you hear the stories and realize why this is so needed here.

Right now, the little 2 bedroom flat is housing one of their teachers, Florence, from ‘Angel’ and her 2 lovely daughters, about 10 & 12. They left home in the midst of severe domestic abuse and threats that I prefer not to repeat.

It’s also currently home to a local Kibera Mama with a little boy who attends ‘Angel’. She thought she was having a baby in November but gave birth to 4 tiny little girls in September! Four! Miraculously they are all doing well. They each sleep in a plastic crate from the local ‘Nakumat’ (Woollies) and have been provided with blankets, bottles and formula. Florence and her girls are helping care for the little girls. Mama has a mental disability. What an almighty struggle this all is. Honestly.

From there we went to look at a plot of land (for sale) adjoining the Kindergarten. Then we went off to lunch with Sally and Stuart (in a very nice cafe in a very nice area with very nice food – so bizarre) and listened to Bill & Stuart discuss fund raising / buying / building plans and the myriad of ways that another property could be used to better the lives of the people here.

Extend Angel to take more kids? A community shower facility? Another safe house? I have absolutely no idea where they got up to but I’m sure they’ll come up with something. Watch this space I guess!

We’re heading home.

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