Teacher updates


Off we ‘Ubered’ to Elizabeth’s office for some teacher training. The 13 kms took well over an hour even with the new bypass. Sigh.

So great to see our teachers! We had already caught up with Celine but we haven’t seen the boys for 6 months.

We spent quite a while just finding out how they are and getting a feel for where they are at. We asked about the highlights and the challenges since we last met. We learned some amazing things:

They have all managed to ‘improve their lives’ with the salary they earn teaching AMS classes. They are incredibly grateful and always thank us for ‘providing them the opportunity to have a good job’. It’s wonderful and heartbreaking all at the same time.

Other than Simon, they all still live in the Korogocho slum where they’ve been all their lives and ‘dream every day’ of leaving it eventually. We talked about planning for this and how realistic it might be. They are clever, resourceful, hard working people and their plans are optimistic but reasonable!

Celine is one of 7 kids. Her eldest brother died several years ago – he was in a gang and was killed. She says that he was better than the others at looking after their mother, so when he died she took the role on for herself. Celine had previously used her earnings to rent some land ‘upcountry’ and her Mum has been farming it and earning an income. She is now in the process of buying the land – she was excited to tell us about it.

Simon is one of 8. His eldest brother was shot and killed by a cartel a few years ago. Simon has used his earnings to put himself through university – he is doing a music degree. Earlier this year he was granted a bursary through the uni to attend a music and arts conference in Edinburgh. We loved listening to him talk about being on an airplane!!

Erik is the eldest of 7 and has enjoyed being able to support his Mum and siblings. He has been able to pay school fees for his brothers and sisters.

Joseph is the youngest of 8. Three of his older sisters died a few years ago. When we asked how, he said they were ‘partying’ as teenagers and fell in with the wrong crowd. Joseph has recently bought land and is currently building a house for his Mum. He is soooo proud.

There have been some class lessons abandoned due to fires in the dumping site (right behind our classroom), no electricity and having to fight to use our room, but generally they’ve taught consistently me are identifying ‘talented’ students amongst their classes.

We trained for the rest of the day. Lots of progress!!img_3273

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