Angels at Angel


Off in our Uber to the Angel Kindergarten on the edge of the Kibera slum.

This place is a slice of heaven in a wider environment that is about as far from heaven as you could ever dream up.

Kibera is 4 square km and home to around a million people. Its a sludgy, stinky shantytown.

Angel caters to the poorest of the poor – these families have nothing. The kindy is funded through the Lunchbowl network – run by our amazing British friend, Sally, living here in Nairobi.

We were pretty excited to return, especially for Tilly’s second visit. She was absolutely mobbed and loved it. A little boy, Leon, permanently attached himself to her. A little girl, Clarice, very deliberately posed for photos with Bill. Lots of hugs and giggles for all of us.

Because it’s so wet, there is constant mopping of constant mud. Last time we were here, the open area between the classrooms was a disaster. Bill designed a roof to go over the hallway that connects the main areas, and sent funds over for it to be built. I’m beyond happy to report that it has made a huge difference – the area was dry even in the pelting rain! Yayyyyyy!

Bill mopped, I did some training with Ruby and Celine and Tilly joined the ‘Mamas’ in threading beads to make beaded ‘angels’ which are sold in the U.K. to support the Kindergarten. What a hoot. We’re bringing some home!

The rain was SO loud on the tin roof. We were yelling at each other and still lip reading.

Power is intermittent here and today was no exception. We couldn’t get a CD player to work but managed to have keyboards for a while – on and off.

We watched teacher Celine with one of the more advanced AMS classes (6 and 7 years olds) – amazing!! They are doing so well. She is a brilliant teacher and we couldn’t be prouder.

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