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AMS is going to… Africa!

February 26, 2015

So it is 25 years since we started a music school in Randwick. Oh boy, what a wonderful ride!

We’ve loved watching our little school grow into something we are truly passionate about and proud of. It hasn’t always been a picnic but we are grateful to still be in business and have so many loyal supporters as well as so many wonderfully successful students. During the year there will be some special events to mark our quarter of a century.

The first of these is…. starting a music program in Africa!

We love the idea of bringing music to kids who would otherwise not have the opportunity to enjoy & to learn. In April, we are going to Nairobi, Kenya to train some young tutors to teach AMS courses to 2-6 year olds. We will be using our ‘Mini Musos’ Course material and operating from the premises of a preschool close to the Kibera slum.

Miss Michelle & Bill are heading up the project and Miss Lindi is coming too! We will be away for a couple of weeks and we will no doubt have lots of stories to tell in term 2. (April 2015 also marks Miss Lindi’s 20 years as an AMS teacher – so she has to come with us!)

The tutors we are training were slum kids themselves who learned music through an internationally funded program. We’re aiming to help educate, train & inspire some of the poorest of the poor – and provide them with an ongoing income as music tutors. We will be teaching some classes & getting the kids involved in a few ‘shows’ at local schools while we’re there.

AMS is providing the equipment, the course material & the training as well as the ongoing financial support for the program. None of this would have been possible without ex-AMS teacher Cathy Sampson, who has been living in Nairobi for the past 4 years. Cathy & her husband are CMS missionaries and Cathy teaches music at the International School. Cathy has done lots of ground work, finding our premises, contacts and potential tutors.

It’s exciting – but it’s also a big challenge!

You can follow our journey on the AMS Facebook page. We’ll be posting photos and updates as often as we can!