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More outstanding student results – term 4 2012

January 21, 2013

As always we are very proud – Bravo everyone!

Congratulations to our wonderful student composers who entertained us on AMS COMPOSERS DAY at the end of last year. We enjoyed creative, beautifully written pieces from our 6 – 16 year olds. A very impressive event.

A range of great results:

Sienna Amoils has been chosen to perform as a violinist in concert with members of the Australian Chamber Orchestra

Courtney Coates successfully auditioned for the SYO Symphonic Wind Orchestra

Shoshi Blackman & Courtney Coates successfully auditioned for Gondwana Voices

Ruby Learoyd composed a piece which was chosen as the soundtrack to a short film at IGS

Tilly Madder– was successful up to the 4th & final call for ‘Chitty Chitty Bang Bang’

Isaac Madder – 1st in Music year 9 Sydney Distance Education High School

Eden Dorra starred as Charlie in the Moriah production of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

Cato Ayyar & Courtney Coates successfully auditioned for the Sydney Girls Senior Vocal Ensemble

Remi Owen & Rafi Owen successfully auditioned for Gondwana Singers

Alex Rigotti was awarded the ‘Excellence in Music’ award at St Vincent’s College

Eden Dorra scored 100% in the year 8 Extension music exam at Moriah College

Patricia Lapinski was awarded 100% for her composition at St Clare’s College

Thomas Coates successfully auditioned for the SYO Symphonic Wind Orchestra

Tali Greenfield was awarded the Music Award at Bellevue Hill Public School

Samuel Sperling successfully auditioned for the Australian Youth Choir getting straight into the Level 2 Training Choir. Earlier in the year he got 100% for the Grade 1 music theory exam

Ruby Newman successfully auditioned for year 7 at Newtown High School for the Performing Arts

Henri Collyer successfully auditioned for the Sydney Youth Orchestra on Double Bass

Lots and lots of students successfully completed exams in theory, piano and various other instruments. 


Grade 1: Noa Blair, Bonnie Burns, Nikita Comino, Jaysen Largent, Ed Learoyd, Samuel Sperling, Monique Van Den Blink, Tilly Madder, James Laver, Todd Miller, Max Nedbalek, Brendan Stuart, Danielle Stuart, Dale Thomsen, Joab Woodcock

Grade 2: Gabor Agyagasi, Ashne Amoils, Sienna Amoils, Rebekah Blair, Chelsea Gallagher, Ebony Gallagher, Molly Jones, Stephen Lerantges, Kate Berry, Sidney Mahr, Pia Moffat, Josh New, Jay Newman, Ruby Newman, Robert Patterson, Lydia Schultz, Jade Simpfendorfer, Jeremy Spence, Sam Stead, Kya Wiya, Mia Zeleny

Grade 3: Elissa Comino, Hannah Hirschowitz, Jarrrad Largent, Nejra Salihbegovic, Stratton Vakirtzis, Melissa Yahyaoglu,


Ed Learoyd, Amina Salihbegovic, Nejra Salihbegovic, Courtney Coates, Grace Harding, Greta Hayes, Chaimber Hirschowitz, Hannah Hirschowitz, Patricia Lapinski, Sebastian O’Connell, Shamithra Ponnambalam, Samuel Sperling, Charlie Stead, Maddie Stead, Melissa Yahyaoglu, Aidan Eccleshall, Ruby Goldman, Ruby Learoyd, Robert Patterson, Liam Strang, Mia Zeleny, Ruby Wilkinson, Roman Gutterson, Ella Walsh, Hamish Bean, Claudia Bean, Gabriel Bean, Anneliese Tambakeras, Rory Hodgson, Rhea Iaokimidis, Alex Micallef, Tamara Girdwood-Reich, Kate Cottier, Marie Sikiotis, Ryan Tran Moore, Grace Walsh, Amelia Shariff, Rhys Shariff, Rebecca Cousins, Taran Talbot, Lachlan Cook, Felix Moore, George Mitchell, Karen Lau, Ryan Fisher, Emilian Ossimitz, Stephen Katsionis, Angus Shelton, Riva Burkett, Daria Strezova, Maya Weizman, Hugo Collyer, Kristina McLean,Xiao Cao Neal, Lucy Rose Doyle, Isabella Filipczyk, Lachlan Eliason, Martin Radeski, Max Dawes, Ari Merten, Aiden Merten, Sophia McLean, Matthew Lapinski, Liam Skender, Hannah Kim, Ethan Slender, Eleanor Tanou, Olivia Hung, Isabella O’Gorman, Amiya Adhikari, Kathryn Law, Nathan Chung, Arnold Walsh, James Boyd-Clark, Zeke Dauth, Callum White, Monique White, Tilly Fox, Eddie Langford, Anna Dabb, Erica Lehm, Angelina Forstmann, Jessica Wong, Talia Kaplin, Henrietta Burns, Bonnie Burns, Elysse Choy, Sarah Wood, Adam Winter, Toby Rabinowitz, Coco Lafferty, Arnold Walsh, India Smith, Finn Simpson, Michaela Siu, Alexandra Siu, James Laver, Tilly Madder, Alana Williams, James Kofoed, Joab Woodcock, Todd Miller, Emily Berry, Danielle Stuart, Brendan Stuart, Isabella Rawson, Eli Kelman, Monique Van Den Blink, Cassidy Giffin, Jay Newman, Natalie Newman

Other instruments:

Josh Amoils –  grade 4 clarinet, Ashne Amoils – grade 4 flute, Elysse Choy – grade 3 flute (accompanied by Courtney Coates!), Rafi Owen  – grade 5 trumpet, Josh New – grade 2 saxophone, Michella Bergers – grade 1 Singing, Eden Dorra – Grade 1 singing, Patricia Lapinski – grade 1 singing, Jay Newman – Grade 4 Baritone Horn, Natalie Newman – Grade 3 French Horn

A special mention to the following students on an A+ result!

Tegan Tran Moore – Junior Plus, Amelia Shariff – Junior Plus, Stephen Katsionis – Super Starter, Lucy Boyd-Clark – Junior, Hannah Boyd-Clark – Junior Plus, Kerri Wainstein – Junior, Ruby Newman – Grade 3, Sophie Greenfield – Grade 2, Eve Fernando – Grade 2, Arash Farbeh – Preliminary, Sam Dunn – Preliminary, Arki Valdi – Preliminary, Gabe Kidston – Grade 1, Shoshi Blackman – Grade 1 singing