2012 AMS Camp Report Part B

Today I have enjoyed organising camp photos and writing blog posts in my Pyjamas. Love this camp recovery stuff….

This year our 3 rotation groups were ‘Hands’, ‘Tubes’, and ‘Looping’.
‘Hands’ is music appreciation on a grandiose scale: choreographed white gloves with black lights (Mr Adam described it as the ‘elegant’ rotation). Mr Adam & I were expertly assisted by old hands (ha-ha) POLYPHONIC students Alana & Patricia. This year our 2 pieces of music were (edited versions of) the C# Minor Rachmaninov Prelude for piano and the A Minor Grieg Piano Concerto. The goal is to really get to know the piece – and have enough musical where-with-all to move your hands or make them totally disappear at exactly the right time (far harder than one would think!) It was very validating indeed to hear bunches of kids absent- mindedly singing the themes of these pieces in the lunch line, or while walking back to cabins. Some of the older ones were overheard saying ‘I’m going to get that on itunes – it’s such a cool piece’…. Mission accomplished!

‘Tubes’: Our fabulous PVC orchestra is all about rhythm. Know exactly what is going on and then play your note at the right time. Tricky! POLYPHONIC student Oscar Gross arranged 2 pieces for us (challenging indeed) and we enjoyed aiming at vaguely recognisable versions of ‘Halleluiah’ and ‘Somebody that I used to know’. Miss Lindi & Miss Chiara were in charge here, but i must mention this was only achieved with lots of help from Miss Anna and POLYPHONIC students Courtney C & Oscar.

‘Looping’ was a hit this year: The looping station was alternately manned by Miss Elisha and Mr Jake, with extra know-how and enthusiasm from POLYPHONIC students Ruby & Remi. Using a looping pedal with a microphone & amp (thanks to Remi for equipment loan!) each group experimented by singing a bass line and then layering vocal tracks over (and over and over). Mr Jake & Remi did a great demo of this at the concert – and also played a few of the recordings from the groups. Very clever and very funny! (Personal favourite lines: Elysse – ‘Gas Alert’ and Alana – ‘I’m allergic to nuts’ yelled over the top of some otherwise very respectable vocal loops.)

And nothing whatsoever to do with our rotation groups, a word about the food on camp. ‘Spectacular ‘says it all really, we were very impressed. The centre catered for us perfectly right down to Miss Elisha’s gluten free lamingtons in a box with a sticker marked ‘for the nice teacher only’. OK – And that would make the rest of us…?


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