Outstanding Student Results!

Ah yes, sorry for the delay – but here is a belated update on our term 1 & 2 results this year. We will try to do an ‘end of year’ update ASAP.

As always, we are very proud…

Congratulations to:
Jack Symonds – Jack is a former AMS student who was in Miss Samantha’s class at Randwick for many years. He recently received his Bachelor of Music degree with First Class Honours at the Sydney Conservatorium and has been offered a full scholarship to the Royal College of Music in London to complete his Masters in Composition. Jack is the 2nd AMS student in recent years to win the University Medal. It was awarded to Tristan Coelho (Miss Michelle & Miss Samantha’s classes) a few years ago for Bachelor of Music, also at the Sydney Conservatorium

Yenlamtam Clark has been accepted into year 7 at the Conservatorium High School for 2012 on French Horn & Piano. Yen is in Mr Jake’s Spectrum class at AMS Dulwich Hill and has his private lessons with Miss Laura

Brendan Stuart placed 1st in Music in year 7 at The Shore School. Brendan is in Miss Keryn’s Extension class at AMS Narrabeen

Rafi Owen placed first in his music class in year 7 at Sydney Grammar School. Rafi is in Miss Michelle’s Advanced class at AMS Randwick

Harley Koltai placed first in his music class in year 7 at Cranbrook. Harley is in Miss Michelle’s Advanced class at AMS Randwick

Remi Owen received a High Distinction in his 1st semester music exam in year 8 at Sydney Grammar School. Remi would also like his starring role as a Munchkin in the ASCHAM Musical production noted here. Remi is in Miss Michelle’s Advanced class at AMS Randwick

Ruby Learoyd received full marks for her music composition in year 8 at St Vincents College. Ruby is in Miss Michelle’s Advanced class and Miss Elisha’s Viva Voice class at AMS Randwick

Eden Dorra received 120% in his school music exam (due to the fact that he not only got full marks but also completed the test in record time!) Eden is in Miss Lindi’s Advanced class at AMS Randwick

Hannah Paul won 1st Place in the Vocal Solo Ballad & 2nd Place in Character Song in Costume in the Northern Beaches Eisteddfod. Hannah is in Mr Jake’s Viva Voice class at AMS Narrabeen

Liam Patterson performed in the Scholars recital at Cranbrook, where he is on a full music scholarship for Bassoon. Liam attends Miss Michelle’s advanced class at AMS Randwick

Jessica Franke has been awarded a part in the Regals Musical Society production of ‘Annie’. Jess is in Miss Elisha’s Viva Voice class at AMS Randwick

Chloe Marshall has a call-back from her audition for the upcoming major production of ‘Annie the Musical’. Chloe is in Miss Elisha’s Extension class at AMS Randwick

Jay Newman & James Laver were both awarded parts in their school musical productions

Harley Koltai & Liam Strang were awarded an A+ grading for their piano exam. Harley and Liam are both in Advanced course at AMS Randwick

The following students all received an A grading for their AMS or AMEB piano exams;
Dylan O’Connor, Melissa Yahghoglu, Ee-shyan Balnave, He-shyan Balnave, Orlando Janschek, Auvro Adhikari, Amber Boyden, Ruby Goldman, Ruby Learoyd, Ruby Newman,

We are still awaiting results from some of our written theory exams and will report back as soon as the results appear. We do know that Miss Michelle’s grade 2 theory class did extremely well – these students all with marks of 95% or higher;
Patricia Lapinski, Isaac Madder, Courtney Coates, Cato Ayyar, Rafi Owen, Ruby Learoyd, Henrietta Burns

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