A busy, busy year…

We have been busy! (It has been great!!) So busy in fact that there has not been a second to update here or wax lyrical on anything for quite a while. Looking forward to writing about so many things we have done recently:

Our 21st Birthday party! We had a big picnic in the park last weekend with old fashioned games & races, lolly bags, fairy bread and a whole lot of cake… but the highlight was definitely our ‘make your own musical instrument’ competition. What a clever, industrious bunch of students we have at AMS!

Another AMAZING AMS camp – this year with ‘POLYPHONIC’ –  an additional 24 hours for our keen teens. A wonderful experience for all of us! Stand by for some gory details…

Another fantastic AMS Piano Eisteddfod – with gorgeous George Machado taking out the big award… and some new insights from our brilliant adjudicator Kate Lidbetter…

Another round of AMS Piano exams. Well done all you clever pianists out there!

More outstanding results from our AMEB written exams. They just keep coming!

And right now we are gearing up for AMS COMPOSERS DAY – only a few weeks away. And after that (and our end of year party time) I really will write & catch you all up on our big year!



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