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Piano Lessons are like Swimming Lessons…. really???

November 11, 2010

Ahhh – another scintillating article from our very own Miss Samantha. Follow this link to find out just how similar swimming lessons and piano lessons actually are! Samantha has been teaching at AMS since the early 90’s and is my co-authour of the ‘How to Blitz Sight Reading’ series.


More Fantastic Practice Advice….

November 4, 2010

In a follow up article to the very well received ‘Seven Deadly Practice Sins’ by Samantha Coates, ‘The Seven Deadly Practice Excuses’ explores the many well worn excuses that music educators hear day after day, year after year.

In Samantha’s entertaining style, she unveils the top seven excuses and gives practical tips on how these might be avoided. As she so aptly puts it: ‘To students who use these a lot, beware… we’re on to you!’

It is my greatest hope that parents & students read this article and at best, change their practice routines – and at worst, come up with some NEW excuses!