Such Beautiful Performances

Congratulations to all students who performed in the extension sections of the 2010 AMS eisteddfod.

We enjoyed a weekend of wonderful piano music and everyone was very impressed with the confidence & abilities of our young pianists…. we are very proud!

Our adjudicator Kate Lidbetter gave excellent feedback to all performers. She spoke about the many benefits of learning music and in particular, the benefit of performance opportunities such as the AMS Eisteddfod.

Kate highlighted the importance of performance as a life skill – it teaches dedication, resilience, confidence, co-ordination, public speaking, presentation – just to name a few. These skills are so valuable in all areas of life – they help us at school, in a social setting and eventually in the workplace – regardless of whether we end up as musicians, doctors, hairdressers or plumbers!

Thankyou Kate for encouraging our young performers. Thankyou parents & teachers for your effort and support.

And….Special Congratulations to Liam Strang, winner of the 2010 AMS Performance Award.

2 Responses to “Such Beautiful Performances”

  1. Phil Learoyd Says:

    Good reading – thanks for the blog. Ruby and Ed loved camp – and the whole AMS package, as do their parents. Good on you Michelle, and all your terrific staff.

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