Another Amazing AMS Camp….

We’ve only been home a couple of hours, so I am still tripping over music stands, black lights, percussion instruments, amps & clothing… no energy for any more unpacking! But – energy enough to say how wonderful it is to spend a weekend with fellow musicians, young and old.

70 children (ages 7-15) and 9 AMS teachers were joined by the amazing Mr Guy and our ever-helping Bill. The weather was kind, the food was brilliant and there’s nothing like our Saturday night dress up night… 

AMS kids are such great musicians! Every year this blows me away – young people who are so musically adept and adaptable. Fast on the uptake & with impressive musical memory skills, we get a lot done in our 46 hours!  Our older students who have been at AMS for years are intuitive musicians who can do so much more than play the piano.

A highlight for me this year was our live band to accompnay the choir. We had Mr Jake on bass, Caleb on drums and Oscar on guitar. All 3 have seen many years of AMS camps as students. Jake is finally officially on staff (yey!) and Caleb & Oscar are developing their skills in ‘helper’ roles.

These guys are incredible – I am yet to find something they can’t play.  Often I give them music , change it at the first rehearsal, warp it again at the next rehearsal and at the last minute decide on a key change – and they dont even flinch. In fact, they tried to catch us out in our Sunday choir session by putting one of our songs up a semitone into A flat major (yes, A flat – on guitar & bass) without saying anything, just to see if we noticed. I’m proud to say that quite  a few of the kids did notice! Impressive. Our ‘Song of the Toreador’ was going to be performed with an orchestral CD recording – but during the first rehearsal, the boys started playing along. We ditched the CD backing from that moment onwards – gotta love that!

As a staff it’s fun getting to know our kids better. We see them every week in class but there is nothing like a weekend away together for a bit of bonding! Last night I overheard one of the girls in my cabin saying how wierd it is to see your music teacher in their Pyjamas….

2 Responses to “Another Amazing AMS Camp….”

  1. Jayne Says:

    Hi Michelle,
    I have just paid a deposit to enroll my 2 children in AMS 2012 (junior ccoursesRandwick). I am very excited to think they will be on the reciveing end of all the beautiful positive, appreciative and creative and FUN energy I sense from your blog posts.Thanks!

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